Check Oil Level

Remember to check your car’s oil and water levels regularly, and always double check that the oil cap is securely in place before driving off. Your car’s engine needs the proper level of oil to protect its precious metal components against harmful deposits that create excessive friction and rob your engine of performance and fuel economy. Consult your car’s service handbook and ensure that you maintain the correct oil level.

Choose the correct oil grade

To ensure that your car’s engine performs as it should, always top up with the correct grade of motor oil. Havoline with Deposit Shield is available in different SAE grades to match the needs of your for your car. Simply ask your Caltex Service Attendant. Choosing the correct motor oil – like Havoline with Deposit Shield - will help prevent wear, keep your engine clean and free of deposits, and resist thickening in service.


Whenever you’re driving, try not to rest your foot on the clutch or brake pedal. This could cause unnecessary friction on your engine’s moving parts; which in turn could lead to accelerated wear, overheating and reduced fuel economy. To reduce friction, top up with Havoline with Deposit Shield. It works immediately to deliver a protective coating that shields moving engine parts from harmful deposits, and minimises wear and friction at high engine temperatures.

Reduce friction - drive economically

Getting a little extra out of every full tank is easy. Simply get into the habit of maintaining a sufficient distance between your car and the vehicle ahead. In this way you can avoid having to brake and accelerate every time the car in front changes speed. By driving smoothly, you’ll cause less friction and enhance your fuel economy. And to minimise friction of your car’s precious metal engine components even further, give it the best protection you can - top up with a high-performance motor oil.

Holiday Safety Check

If you’re planning a family holiday or a long road trip with friends, it’s always a good idea to do a safety check before heading out. Visit your local Caltex Service Station and perform the following safety checks to help ensure that you enjoy a smooth trip: Check your oil, water and brake fluid levels. Ensure your engine has sufficient coolant, and check your tyre pressure. Protect yourself by protecting your engine.

High Mileage

If your vehicle is older than five years, it needs more protection against wear than a new car does. So to keep your car’s precious engine components in mint condition, give it the best protection you can. New Havoline High Mileage with Deposit Shield. Designed for cars with more than 120 000km, it helps to maintain older engine seals, minimises oil leaks, and provides better wear protection with improved viscosity control.

Change Brake Fluid

While it’s common practise to check your car’s oil and coolant levels regularly, brake fluid is often overlooked. To keep your car running smoothly and safely, you should change your car’s brake fluid at least every two years. The reason for this is that over time, brake fluid absorbs moisture from the air which when mixed with the fluid could reduce the effectiveness of your brakes.

Change Coolants

Did you know that it’s estimated that up 60% of engine failures are linked to the engine cooling system? Since engines often operate under extreme temperature conditions, the coolant deteriorates over time. It’s recommended that normal engine coolants be replaced every two years. Havoline’s Extended Life Coolant, however provides premium, long-term protection of up to five years. By extending your service intervals it saves you money and keeps you safer for longer.

Tip for Older Cars

If your car has more than 120,000 kilometers, consider Havoline High Mileage with Deposit Shield, which defends against wear and helps minimize oil leaks by maintaining older engine seals.